The romance between the tobacco leaves of both countries, gives birth to a story unlike any other.

Valle de la Iguana Premium cigars are elaborated in the mythical Valle of San Andrés in the Mexican State of Veracruz, home to some of the world’s finest tobacco.

Our production is small in scale, keeping alive the true artisan spirit of cigar tradition. Each cigar is carefully rolled by a skilled and select group of expert tabaqueros (cigar rollers), who have been dedicated to this artform for more than 30 years and can truly be considered masters of their craft.

While it is true “Valle de la Iguana” is quickly becoming one of the cigar world’s new brands to watch, we will always take care in keeping the production true to its roots and promise that future growth will never come at the expense of quality.

Our history begins as our brand was registered in 1999. Since that moment we have focused all our effort into making the very best cigar we can, guided by our highest values to reach our objective: passion and love in everything we do.

Our cigars, are crafted in homage to our pre-hispanic ancestors, who were responsible for some of the first ever tobacco plantations in the “New World”. The Mayans, who are considered the first people to ever smoked tobacco leaves, were the forefathers in this ritual which remains to this day as a cultural ritual of our times.

As Mexicans, we have the firm purpose of promoting this gift of our ancestral cultures. We leave in your hands the decision to offer one of culture’s most prized legacies, that our pre-hispanic ancestors gave as a sacred gift to the world, a sublime experience that warms the soul: enjoying the best tobacco.